Nslookup and fully qualified name

William Stacey staceywREMOVE at mvps.org
Thu Jan 22 03:12:52 UTC 2004

Try my netdig client at www.mvptools.com.  Has an interactive mode like
nslookup, and should work with your non-ip numbers.  Requires .net framework
1.1 however, so won't work on unix.

William Stacey

"M Alan C" <my00sc00by at yahoo.com> wrote in message
news:buk2sr$1hic$1 at sf1.isc.org...
> Having a problem with nslookup and dig for a host that is completely all
> for example, if you do nslookup or dig on 437542 it returns no answer or
> However if you do 437542.domain.com with nslookup or dig, it returns an
answer.  You might say that my resolv list is not right, but if you do a www
for domain.com and my resolv list appends domain.com www works.
> What is going on with this?
> thanks,
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