Nslookup and fully qualified name

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Fri Jan 23 18:34:15 UTC 2004

M Alan C <my00sc00by at yahoo.com> wrote:
> Having a problem with nslookup and dig for a host that is completely all numbers.
> for example, if you do nslookup or dig on 437542 it returns no answer or nxdomain.
> However if you do 437542.domain.com with nslookup or dig, it returns an answer.  You might say that my resolv list is not right, but if you do a www for domain.com and my resolv list appends domain.com www works.
> What is going on with this?

The format of the domain name, it's illegal and whatever happens with the 
receiver is at your risk.

See rfc1123 for details  ( the reason is that anything that is numeric is
assumed to be an ip-address, reason for this in turn is that everywhere 
you can enter an FQDN, an ip-address must be allowed. What you have
would cause confusion thus the "illegal")

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