Parent zone rejected on problems with slave zone

Barry Margolin barmar at
Fri Jan 23 19:30:14 UTC 2004

In article <bupaib$1vmo$1 at>,
 gorf_55555 at (Peter L) wrote:

> We have a very strange problem.  Our root, has many children

Please don't use the word "root" in DNS discussions unless you mean the 
real root zone ".".  You have a domain and subdomains, not a root.

> that it slaves for.  They are not delegated, but we pull the zones as
> slave.  Ocassionally, when one of these zones' NS goes off line or
> whatever, this child zone will expire.  Upon that event our root

Maybe you should increase the expire times in these zones, so they don't 
expire so quickly.  I recommend at least a week.

> nameserver for says " master zone "" (IN) rejected
> due to errors".  As soon as we either correct the connection to the
> slave zone and get a good zone transfer, or comment out that slave
> zone in named.conf, the root server is fine again.  What is going on
> here?

It would help if you told us what the errors are.  They should be the 
log messages preceding the one that says "rejected due to errors".

Barry Margolin, barmar at
Arlington, MA

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