Sortlist and individual zones

Barry Margolin barmar at
Tue Jan 27 22:23:48 UTC 2004

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 Brian Miller <bmiller at> wrote:

> I have been asked to look into setting up out companies internal DNS to
> return different IP addreesses for a specific RR based upon the location of
> the client (clients in each state get the IP address of a local server).
> I can differentate between the clients easily enough based on their network,
> and it looks like I could do what's needed with the "sortlist" option.

I don't think this will work as you hope.  Clients don't generally query 
authoritative nameservers directly, they query their local caching 
nameserver, and the caching server recurses to contact the authoritative 
servers.  Unless the caching server's admnistrator has overridden the 
default settings, it will perform its own round-robin rotation of the 
addresses, losing the ordering that you set up with sortlist.

What you need to use is views.  You'd need a different version of the 
zone file for each block of addresses, containing just the server for 
that area.

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Arlington, MA

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