Zones and IPs outside of my subnet

Madison Kelly linux at
Wed Jan 28 19:38:40 UTC 2004

Hi all,

   Another question, hopefully simpler than the last :).

   This may be obvious but if so I have missed the answer in my 
n00biness. I have a friend who has a static IP assigned to him by his 
ISP (totally unrelated to my ISP). He would like to have me add a zone 
for a domain he has registered which I have no problem with. The 
question I have though is can I simply point a zone at an IP I don't 
directly have control of? If so, how do I handle the reverse lookup? I 
have an '' record but I am also in control of 
that IP slice. If I create another reverse lookup zone for his IP 
address would that conflict with other reverse lookups elsewhere?

   Thanks for helping me get my noggin' around this!


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