DNS Round Robin

Bell, William IT WBell at mvphealthcare.com
Fri Jan 30 00:17:48 UTC 2004

Quick question:
Does BIND v9.2.3 allow multiple CNAME records, used to implement DNS round
robin?  For example:
beta1.company.com.	30	IN	A
beta2.company.com.	30	IN	A
beta3.company.com.	30	IN	A
beta.company.com.	30	IN	CNAME		beta1.company.com.
beta.company.com.	30	IN	CNAME		beta2.company.com.
beta.company.com.	30	IN	CNAME		beta3.company.com.

(You can also see a similar example in the middle of page 274 of the DNS &
BIND, 4th Ed. book.)

If not, does v9.2.3 support the 'multiple-cnames' statement?
The DNS & BIND book states that neither of these features will work after
BIND 9.1.0, but I was wondering if things might have changed since the book
was published.



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