isc_movefile error

Mark Andrews Mark_Andrews at
Mon Nov 1 23:16:04 UTC 2004

> What kind of config problem gives permission errors like this?
>    NAMED8-XFER[4495]: perror() was called: "isc_movefile"
>    NAMED8-XFER[4495]: isc_movefile STRAUSS.COM.SLAVE.XMeyYa to
>         STRAUSS.COM.SLAVE: Permission denied

	Directory ownership/permissions.

> And since I'm asking, I haven't seen a %m formatting char before like used 
> here (where's teh %m value coming from?):
>    perror("isc_movefile");
>    if (!quiet)
>        syslog(LOG_ERR, "isc_movefile %s to %s: %m",
> 	     tmpname, dbfile);
> -- 
> Jeffrey Stevens


     The message is identical to a printf(3) format string, except that `%m'
     is replaced by the current error message.  (As denoted by the global
     variable errno; see strerror(3).)  A trailing newline is added if none is

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