Making windows 2003 DNS work with old BIND 8 DNS

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Tue Nov 2 14:30:02 UTC 2004

gretzkygirl44 at (GG) wrote:

>OK - SO here is the set up. Have an NT 4.0 domain now. About 10,000
>client machines, some part of the domain, some not. I am migrating the
>domain to a Win 2003 Active Directory domain. The main DNS servers are
>AIX machines, BIND 8.0.x.
>The DNS team will not make any changes to play nice with AD - well
>they will add any static type entries we need, but they won't up the
>bind level. I don't want to have the clients change anything on their
>side. They will continue to point to the main AIX DNS servers. SO -
>the question is, how do I (or can I) configure DNS on the Windows
>server and what entries if any do I have the DNS team make so that a
>client (whose DNS entries point to that of the main AIX box) can
>access the domain resources with their usual windows domain ID???
>Thanks for any and all information!

You have friends in the archives of this list and its sister list

     bind9-users at

The latter was merged into bind-users at a number of months ago,
but the archives are separate.  There have been MANY W2k-related
postings in the past five years.  Of course, the later postings
contain more current information than the earlier postings.

To summarize what I have posted in the past:

     1) Use a MS W2k/W2k+3 DNS Server for the "_" zones; use
        AD-integrated zones on ONLY ONE Domain Controller.

     2) Have those four (six for 2003) zones slaved on your BIND

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