Making windows 2003 DNS work with old BIND 8 DNS

Robert Aitchison Robert.Aitchison at
Tue Nov 2 00:21:03 UTC 2004

Would they be willing to delegate a child zone to the Windows 2003 DNS
servers?  Say your zone is have them delegate something like to the Windows DNS boxes.  On the MS boxes just create zones and have your servers register with them.

This isn't really a BIND issue (at least with this solution)  My company is
going through the exact same thing, migrating from NT4 to 2K3 with BIND
controlling the top of the zone.  Feel free to contact me if you need more

Robert Aitchison

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Subject: Making windows 2003 DNS work with old BIND 8 DNS

OK - SO here is the set up. Have an NT 4.0 domain now. About 10,000 client
machines, some part of the domain, some not. I am migrating the domain to a
Win 2003 Active Directory domain. The main DNS servers are AIX machines,
BIND 8.0.x. The DNS team will not make any changes to play nice with AD -
well they will add any static type entries we need, but they won't up the
bind level. I don't want to have the clients change anything on their side.
They will continue to point to the main AIX DNS servers. SO - the question
is, how do I (or can I) configure DNS on the Windows server and what entries
if any do I have the DNS team make so that a client (whose DNS entries point
to that of the main AIX box) can access the domain resources with their
usual windows domain ID???

Thanks for any and all information!

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