Chained NS delegation: RFC compliant or not?

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Wed Nov 3 05:29:40 UTC 2004

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> > Well having nameservers not officially serve the zone they
> > live in causes problems for older BIND 8 caching servers
> > and BIND 4 caching servers (not that anyone should be running
> > either of these anymore).  It also introduces more work for
> > every other caching server.
> I continued my researches. Meanwhile I can confirm that the problem
> described in my original post occurs with BIND version 8.2.6 or older only
> which could be exactly the caching issue you said. I also found an
> interesting temporary work-around: When I first do a "nslookup
>" then an old BIND server will be able to resolve
> so I normally can visit the desired web page. This
> works until the cached DNS entry expires.
> So when I have understood all your replies, that would mean that this web
> hosting company has set up its name servers fully RFC compliant but
> problematic for some older BIND resolvers which are still in use in a lot of
> networks?

	Problematic and resource wasting.
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