Problem connecting to website

Brent Atkerson brent.atkerson at anrodscreen.comINVALID
Thu Nov 4 20:42:14 UTC 2004

Hello group,
I am no where near a whiz at DNS but had it set up and running fine for a 
couple of years.  Well, until recently.  I received a new block of IP 
addresses a week or so ago and had my router configured and thought 
everything is fine however I still have some sites that are not accessible 
using www..  For example today from here I am not able to access but I AM able to access 
which seems very weird to me.  IF I put the IP address of the server in my 
hosts file and associate it with I am able to 
access it using the www.  The DNS information (zone files, name servers at 
registrar, etc.) have been changed for about a week now and am still having 
this problem.

Debian Woody
BIND 9.2.1
DSL connection

Does anyone have any ideas please?

Thank you,

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