Running BIND on MacOS X ?

Matt Goli matt.goli at
Fri Nov 5 18:40:29 UTC 2004

Hi Frank, we have been running two public DNS servers for our 250+ 
hosted domains for well over a year on Mac OS 10.3 without any problems 
whatsoever...Not to mention the fact that we're doing it on two Blue 
and White G3's with 256 mb of ram!  I'm not sure if your planning on 
running other services on the dual processor G5 XServe, and what your 
current DNS load is, but a dual processor G5 system is way overkill for 
simple DNS services.  I would say save the money and go with a single 
processor system and treat yourself to a nice PowerBook or iPod. ;)

I have go agree that Apple's Server Admin utility is lacking on being 
able to configure features on BIND, but Server Admin writes directly to 
the /etc/named.conf file.  If you need to configure more features than 
what Server Admin has exposed, just use your favorite text editor and 
edit the named.conf file directly.

If I can be of any more help, please let me know.
Matt Goli
On Nov 5, 2004, at 4:25 AM, Frank Bonnet wrote:

> Hi
> I'll replace my old HP-UX secondary NS in few weeks and I wonder how
> runs BIND on MacOS X as I plan to replace the machine with a Bi-proc G5
> Any experience welcome.
> -- 
> Regards/Cordialement
> Frank Bonnet

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