Port 53 Idle.

Alexandre Carante acarante at bmf.com.br
Thu Nov 11 13:41:37 UTC 2004


I Have 11 DNS servers down here, using Bind 9 and solaris 9, and they use to
work properly, but, suddenly, about one week ago, they're not doing "zone
transfer" alone anymore, I've write a script to "recycle"  the masters, and
this Script sends the slaves a RSHELL with,    rndc stop, /usr/sbin/in.named
and it use to works just fine too, but now when someone X the script, the
zone transfers stops working, and if I run a netstat it shows me that the IP
stack  port 53 is not LISTEN, it is just in IDLE state at the master server,
the master do not "let" the slaves get the new DB files...Is it a well know
problem, have someone face this kind o' trouble before ?


 <mailto:acarante at bmf.com.br> Alexandre Carante

Diretoria de Sistemas e Tecnologia.

BM <http://www.bmf.com.br/> &F Brasil
Div Telecom.



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