BIND 9.2.2 recursive queries lag badly, Bind8 does not

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Sat Nov 13 09:54:56 UTC 2004

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> Hello List --

> I tried searching for this in the archives and didn't see anything
> conclusive.

> We are an ISP with caching resolvers running BIND9.2.2 on Solaris 8 tha=
> are not behind firewalls.  Upon running scripts to test unrelated issue=
> I noticed that any time I queried any of my resolvers for domains that
> have not been cached, the recursive query response times are horrible -=
> consistently over 4 seconds.  If I clear the cache and run a script tha=
> digs over 100 random domains, all of them come back > 4 seconds.  Nothi=
> has changed on our resolvers' config in months.  Root hint file is up t=
> date.  Dig +trace or debug isn't showing anything. Tcpdump/snoop shows
> nothing, other than an empty hole when the machine is waiting for a
> response back from any root server.  Queries against the boxes locally =
> queries from another machine make no difference.  We have tried boxes t=
> have not been patched in months as well as up-to date machines.  All th=
> same.

> Here's the options we have:

> options {

>         directory "/var/named";
> /*
> *
> */
>         max-ncache-ttl 10800;
>         transfers-in 25;
>         notify no;
>         allow-query { CSR; DEV; localhost; };
>         recursion yes;
>         recursive-clients 100000;
>         allow-transfer { none; };
>         interface-interval 0;
>         cleaning-interval 30;
>         blackhole {;; };
>         pid-file "";

> };

> Although I would be happy to post more info for your review, my questio=
> are these:  Has anyone else noticed this lag in recursion recently?  Ca=
> anyone on this list try clearing their cache and then running queries f=
> random domains and noting the response time?

> Curiously, an old BIND8 box we have does NOT experience this lag, no
> matter what.

> Any insight you may have is appreciated.

> Thanks

> -Erik J

bind-9 starts with end0 queries, if they are not answered a retry=20
without edns is attempted. This is what i understood.

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