Setting forwarders timeout in BIND9

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Thu Nov 18 07:09:06 UTC 2004

Jan Harnisch <blackhole at> wrote:
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> Hi all,

> in my Bind 9.2.1 configuration, I have three forwarders configured:

> forwarders {
>      };

> Recently, the first forwarder went down. During this time, my Bind=20
> continued querying the first (unavailable) forwarder until reaching the=
> timeout and querying the next. Unfortunately, this timeout is=20
> uncomfortably long (long enough to reach the DNS timeout on some client=
> machines).
> So, is there any way to reduce this timeout? Would e.g. configuring mor=
> forwarders reduce the timeout (as it did with Bind v4), or is there a=20
> better way?
> Greetings&Thanks,

The nest way is to eliminate forwarding. The next best is to use bind-8=20
which has an adoptive selection of forwarders.

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