DNS ROOT understanding

Jonathan de Boyne Pollard J.deBoynePollard at Tesco.NET
Thu Nov 18 04:43:43 UTC 2004

JR> There is no point in doing this. So don't.

LV> it might be very simple way of saying you have a world connectivity
LV> problems, I was doing it as well, maybe I am still doing it, I have
LV> to check :-)

If you have connectivity problems to the rest of Internet, you'll find 
out in short order in the normal course of everyday operations, without 
the need for a background task that you have forgotten about, and so 
obviously don't check the results of, continually running.

If you have connectivity problems to parts of Internet, a connectivity 
check with one of the ICANN "." content DNS servers isn't necessarily 
going to tell you much about them.

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