Advice for personal dns server

Jonathan de Boyne Pollard J.deBoynePollard at Tesco.NET
Thu Nov 18 04:42:51 UTC 2004

A> The OS will be one of the BSD's or Linuxes (I will pick the one that
A> runs the fastest and most stable on the Sparc).

Here's a wild thought:  You could always run Solaris.

A> Is Bind a good choice for me?

You're posting in a discussion forum dedicated to BIND.  What answer, to 
that question, do you *think* you are going to receive?

A> What is most important in terms of hardware? cpu? memory?

First: It's complex.  Second: You forgot "network".

A> If anyone can point me to some quick reads/faq's/howto's, [...]

First, learn about the wide range of DNS softwares that there is.


Neither of these lists are anywhere near complete.  Amusingly, neither 
includes the fourth most popular (for content DNS service) DNS server 
software: Microsoft's DNS server.

A> I woul appreciate it, because I really couldn't find any.

Look harder.


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