Multiple domains on one server

Kevin Darcy kcd at
Wed Nov 24 01:16:17 UTC 2004

Rick Knight wrote:

>Hope someone can answer this for me, I've searched the 'net looking for an
>answer but can't quite find one.
>I own two domains, and Currently I have up
>and running, without any problems, on a single server. My DNS seems to be
>working perfectly along with ftp and www servers. Now I've configured the
>server with an additional IP address for  I want to add
> to my existing DNS so that I will have both and
> running on the same server with seperate IPs. How do I go about
>doing this? Is it possible? I keep finding hints about it but nothing
I'll assume your question is about how to get two DNS zones served from 
a nameserver with multiple interfaces. BIND will by default listen on 
all active interfaces, so there's no special configuration needed. It'll 
even scan periodically for new interfaces (the scan frequency is 
configurable and can even be set to 0 if all of your interfaces are 
static). Just define the and zones in named.conf, 
delegate to that server (and its slave(s)), just like you've 
already delegated, and start serving both zones.

Optionally, you could have a different name resolve to the second IP 
address and delegate to that (and its slave(s)). But frankly, 
I don't see why you'd go through the administrative bother of doing 
that. Some experts recommend that you delegate exclusively to names that 
are in the zone being delegated, but personally I regard that as wishful 
thinking on their parts.

BTW, if by any chance you're thinking about trying to satisfy the "at 
least 2 nameservers for every zone" rule by running both "nameservers" 
on the same box, think again -- the whole purpose of the rule is to 
ensure redundancy, and you don't get much of that when you run both on a 
single box.

As for getting multiple virtual hosts defined in your webserver, that's 
off-topic for this list...

            - Kevin

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