Seeing too many console messages in 9.3.0

Mark Andrews Mark_Andrews at
Thu Nov 25 00:17:42 UTC 2004

> At 10:41 AM +1100 11/24/04, Mark Andrews wrote:
> >	The log message is telling you what you need to change.
> >
> >		category update-security { null; };
> Ah. I didn't realize that was a category, and thought the message was 
> squishing two categories together, given the similarity of the names. 
> Thanks!
> >	You may want to change where security goes to now that
> >	update-security is a seperate category.
> Done!
> >   Note you really
> >	should just fix the clients to not make update requests
> >	if you don't want them.
> These are clients throughout the world, apparently running Windows 
> 2000, that I have no control over. How would I fix them?

	If you really have no control over them send them "Cease and Desist"
	messages as they are obviously using your domain name without

	If they are supposed to be using your domain name then you do have
	control though it may not be direct control.  Talk to whomever
	authorised their use of your domain name.  Usually a simple email
	with instructions on how to turn off updating off is enough.  As
	you are a publisher I would include instructions for both Macs and
	Windows boxes.

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