Wrong IP Lookup

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Fri Nov 26 06:51:37 UTC 2004

Norman Zhang <norman.zhang at rd.arkonnetworks.com> wrote:
>> It's called split horizon dns.
>> BIND calls this "views".  Google around a bit and you'll find a ton of
>> examples on this.

> I googled for views option in BIND, but it seems the feature does not=20
> quite work my setup. My

> db.mydomain.com file has 2 A entries

> dc1.mydomain.com A
>                   A

> Views seem to restrict certain subnets to view certain db files, but no=
> to a level of queries. I would like to able to just resolve=20
> for dc1.mydomain.com for subnet And=20
> likewise for Am I wrong? I've also appended my named.con=
> below. Would someone please give me a few pointers?

You are wrong. Read the documentation about bews before making=20
statements about it. See :

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