Wrong IP Lookup

Nicolas Kreft kreft at do.isst.fhg.de
Fri Nov 26 08:21:58 UTC 2004

Hi Norman!

Norman Zhang schrieb:
> I have BIND setup to take DDNS from a multihomed box. DDNS are enabled 
> on both NICs. For example,
> dc1.mydomain.com
> However, the wrong IP may sometimes be resolved for the wrong subnet. Is 
> there a way I can restrict hosts in subnet to resolve to 
> only? And likewise for subnet

Try the "sortlist" config statement.


  sortlist {
             {; };
             {; };
             {; };

When you have multiple A records for a multihomed host,
Bind will return the one that "belongs" to the subnet
the query came from.


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