Really odd one: parts of global DNS just dropped off the map

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Mon Nov 29 20:23:56 UTC 2004

On Nov 25, 2004, at 1:47 PM, DevilsPGD wrote:

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> I agree 100% with the above -- I'm curious, can anybody tell me why the
> whole forwarding fetish seems to be so popular, especially in printed
> books and documentation and MCSEs?
> Most crackerjack box MCSEs are not only stupid, but lazy -- Setting up
> forwarding takes a few more seconds then not setting up forwarding, so
> what's the benefit?

Forwarding was promoted because it could decrease Internet bandwidth.  
Duplicate DNS requests from multiple servers could be answered by the 
cache that is being forwarded to.  The problems in forwarding DNS 
queries, along with the increase in bandwidth, doesn't seem to make 
forwarding as useful as maybe it was at one time.  But, old ideas and 
documentation dies slowly.

I can think of at least one reason that could require forwarding.  If 
you are on an internal network that has servers that provide an 
"internal" DNS view, then going directly to the root servers would not 
provide access to this internal DNS information, so forwarding would be 
necessary.  (I'm not saying that a better solution wouldn't be to make 
this server a slave to the internal zone(s), but this may not be 
possible for multiple reasons.)

You are taking a very undeserved shot at MCSE's.  I know of both 
excellent, and lazy, MCSE's.  I also know of both excellent, and lazy, 
DNS administrators running BIND.  Please don't attack the MCSE program 
with such a broadside, it is undeserved.  (Further comments about this 
should be taken off-line.)

Bill Larson

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