Really odd one: parts of global DNS just dropped off the map

DevilsPGD devilspgd at
Thu Nov 25 20:47:01 UTC 2004

In message <co448b$2gct$1 at> Jim Reid <jim at> wrote:

>Why are you using forwarding? This is silly, dangerous and
>pointless. Consult the list archives for an explanation. Perhaps your
>DNS infrastructure has been forwarding queries to servers that were
>broken or had connectivity problems? This is one of the reasons why
>people should run their own name servers: when something goes wrong,
>there are less links in the chain to troubleshoot.

I agree 100% with the above -- I'm curious, can anybody tell me why the
whole forwarding fetish seems to be so popular, especially in printed
books and documentation and MCSEs?

Most crackerjack box MCSEs are not only stupid, but lazy -- Setting up
forwarding takes a few more seconds then not setting up forwarding, so
what's the benefit?

No user-serviceable parts

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