Strange db-files in working directory

Walkenhorst, Benjamin Benjamin.Walkenhorst at
Tue Nov 30 14:11:00 UTC 2004

Hello everyone,

I noticed two files in one of our nameservers' working directory,
named db-XXafhwQ or something like that. They start both with "db-XX"
and end with "Q". 
I took a look at the files, apparently they are copies of zone files.
They make me ask two questions:
1. Were these created by BIND? The names of the files make me think they were
machine-generated, and I can't see a reason for one of our admins to create
them, as the names are entirely out of any applicable naming schema. 
2. Is it safe for me to delete them? Note: The modification dates for these files
imply they haven't been touched in quite a while. 
In fact, this question should be: Is there any reason not to delete them.

The machine is running BIND 9.2.2 and is a slave for two zones plus their corresponding
reverse lookup zones. Also, it serves as a recursive resolver for the hosts in those zones.

(Yes, I should upgrade; No, 9.3 isn't available for our OS, yet...)

Benjamin Walkenhorst

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