Strange db-files in working directory

Jim Reid jim at
Tue Nov 30 14:41:17 UTC 2004

>>>>> "Benjamin" == Walkenhorst, Benjamin <Benjamin.Walkenhorst at> writes:

    Benjamin> Hello everyone, I noticed two files in one of our
    Benjamin> nameservers' working directory, named db-XXafhwQ or
    Benjamin> something like that. They start both with "db-XX" and
    Benjamin> end with "Q".  I took a look at the files, apparently
    Benjamin> they are copies of zone files.  They make me ask two

    Benjamin> 1. Were these created by BIND? 

They were created by the name server, It uses temporary files to store
in-progress inbound zone transfers. When the zone transfer completes
successfully, the temporary files get renamed to whatever was
specified as the filename for the zone in the slave name server's
configuration. These temporary files might be left behind when a
zone transfer doesn't complete properly: for instance because the TCP
connection breaks.

    Benjamin> 2. Is it safe for me to delete them?

Yes, provided nothing has the files open. lsof is your friend.

BTW, these are Frequently Asked Questions. Please consult the list
archives before posting. You may find that your question has been
asked and answered many times already.

    Benjamin> (Yes, I should upgrade; No, 9.3 isn't available for our
    Benjamin> OS, yet...)

Why? Doesn't the 9.3 source compile on your chosen OS?

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