BIND9.3 zonename Problem

jesk jesk at
Sun Oct 31 15:13:31 UTC 2004

>You told your server to be authoritative for
>, and told it to allow queries for that
>zone. Then you query it for a record in, for
>which you have not told it to be authoritative, and for which it has not
>been told to allow queries. Therefore, your server refused your query.
>Clinets on the internet that want to resolve
> will ask your upstream's servers,
>which will pass them a CNAME that points to
>, for which your server will provide
>an answer.
>Also, please don't obscure your DNS data. It's silly, gets you no
>privacy (the DNS is inherently public), often masks the real problem,
>and hinders people who want to help you. And it leads to nearly
>unreadable answers like the one I had to produce above...

Thank you for your fast response,

i just modfied the query like you said and tried again, without any further
errors, but the ip isnt resolved again. 
I dont know how to provide more information which could help, but there
is any more to say, the zone is very simple and clear its just a new setup
with only this reverse zone.

What could it be?

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