Many '...query: . IN NS' in query log file

Pete Ehlke pde at
Thu Oct 7 21:06:40 UTC 2004

On Thu Oct 07, 2004 at 08:35:32 +0000, Nicolas Ecarnot wrote:
>David Botham <DBotham at> wrote in
>news:ck1i5t$lso$1 at 
>>> client query: . IN NS
>> I am fairly certain this log entry indicates that the computer at IP 
>> address is asking your name server for the NS RR's for
>> the root zone.
>It seems clear, but is this normal that those servers asks that every ten 
>second ?
>Aren't they supposed to keep a cache of this kind of information ?

It may not be a server at all. There are a lot of poorly done stub
resolvers out there in the world (written in to web browsers, for
example) that do this sort of thing. It might be 'normal' for the
application that is doing the querying, but the liklihood that it is
'correct' is fairly low ;)


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