Can't resolve a domain by Cache Server

phn at phn at
Sat Oct 9 09:11:53 UTC 2004

Joe Shen <sj_hznm at> wrote:
> Hi,

> We met a strange behavior with our cache server that
> it can't resolve a special domain from time to time. 

> The phenomenon is: we set up a cache server on a
> Solaris8 with BIND9. It seems it could serve our
> customers' requestes successfully. But, the day before
> yesterday someone told me the cache server could not
> resolve names under from time to time. 

> We check ,, by
> nslookup. The results shows , the three names could be
> solved from time to time but it fails frequently.
> There is no periodical characteristics with the
> frequency of failings.  If we set up cache server to
> forward all requests on to its name server, no
> requests fails.  We contacted with administrator of
> and they told us they use BIND9 on Linux .
> We don't understand why this happens and how could we
> fix it.

Don't you worry, the zone is broken (Tm)

I'll leave the problems to the sysadmins at, they 
might need some training.

> Has anybody met similar problem? 

Shure. There is lot's of broken zones "out there"

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