Going crazy! -- "Sending Notifies" not working on Redhat Enterprise v3??

raiden at wonko.inow.com raiden at wonko.inow.com
Wed Oct 13 16:38:07 UTC 2004

> Possibly having your NS records as CNAMEs (which you should not have)
> is not doing you any favours ...
> Could you rewrite this as:
>  ns1.myvemma.com.                IN A
>  ns2.myvemma.com.                IN A
>  web01.myvemma.com.              IN CNAME        ns1.myvemma.com.
>  web02.myvemma.com.              IN CNAME        ns2.myvemma.com.
> and see if that helps?  Are the NS records for zone
> subnet40.162.71.64.in-addr.arpa also ns1/ns2.myvemma.com?

This did it!!!  Ronan, you are my hero! =P

But seriously, why should this have mattered?  Why would this version of
BIND (past versions seemed to have no problem) not send notifies to slave
NS if they are defined by CNAME instead of A records?

(I shouldn't press my luck here, since it's all working, but I'd still
like to know. =P)

Thank you!
-Raiden Johnson

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