Going crazy! -- "Sending Notifies" not working on Redhat Enterprise v3??

raiden at wonko.inow.com raiden at wonko.inow.com
Thu Oct 14 19:32:27 UTC 2004


I've been reading through documentation, and I still can't find a reason
why notifies weren't sent out to ns2.myvemma.com when it was defined as a
CNAME.  They were only sent out when it had an A record.  In both cases,
it had a NS record.

Bind 8 seemed to have no problem sending notifies to a slave server that
was defined by a CNAME record.  Does anyone know if this is an official

Thank you,
-Raiden Johnson

On Wed, 13 Oct 2004 raiden at wonko.inow.com wrote:

> > Possibly having your NS records as CNAMEs (which you should not have)
> > is not doing you any favours ...
> >
> > Could you rewrite this as:
> >
> >  ns1.myvemma.com.                IN A
> >  ns2.myvemma.com.                IN A
> >
> >  web01.myvemma.com.              IN CNAME        ns1.myvemma.com.
> >  web02.myvemma.com.              IN CNAME        ns2.myvemma.com.
> >
> > and see if that helps?  Are the NS records for zone
> > subnet40.162.71.64.in-addr.arpa also ns1/ns2.myvemma.com?
> >
> This did it!!!  Ronan, you are my hero! =P
> But seriously, why should this have mattered?  Why would this version of
> BIND (past versions seemed to have no problem) not send notifies to slave
> NS if they are defined by CNAME instead of A records?
> (I shouldn't press my luck here, since it's all working, but I'd still
> like to know. =P)
> Thank you!
> -Raiden Johnson

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