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Wed Oct 13 05:23:28 UTC 2004

Vinny Abello <vinny at> wrote in

Thanks for taking your time to respond to this nag post.
After trying to get it to run for like 14 hours straight I finally got 
everything to work. And amzingly now it works fine with the 4.x.x. 

As you said, I would not be using 4.x if 9 or 8 had installed at all.

I found one big error when using Windows for this though.

If you change the IP settings of your Win 2000 box, it keeps a note of 
the previous IP in a TCP/IP stack info section in the registry.

Since this is the first value for anything related to the local IP bind 
will by default snag this IP number instead of your new one and thereby 
not start or work at all.

I manually went through the registry and removed every occurance of this 
old IP number. In fact four locations of it.

Then BIND 4 worked.

Now I figured out how 4 works... and as you say below here, once I 
figured that out, I can surely figure out 8 and 9 as well.

ONE tiny matter though. As you say, everything is well documented in the 
books but it's not designed for someone completely new to DNS and BIND at 

I would therefor recommend, even though the data is old, as a good 
starting point to install 4 on a dummy box, get alot of information from 

Dr. DNS at

and even so, on the very old site

These two pages have exactly what I needed to get started. :)

> them. You'll probably have to make a named.conf file to start with.
> It's all pretty well documented in my opinion. I knew nothing about
> BIND 8 or 9 and went from 4 a long time ago without any problems
> following the documentation and the newer DNS and BIND books. They're
> very helpful. 

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