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Danny Mayer mayer at
Sun Oct 17 00:56:31 UTC 2004

At 01:23 AM 10/13/2004, Techie wrote:
>Vinny Abello <vinny at> wrote in
>Thanks for taking your time to respond to this nag post.
>After trying to get it to run for like 14 hours straight I finally got
>everything to work. And amzingly now it works fine with the 4.x.x.
>As you said, I would not be using 4.x if 9 or 8 had installed at all.
>I found one big error when using Windows for this though.
>If you change the IP settings of your Win 2000 box, it keeps a note of
>the previous IP in a TCP/IP stack info section in the registry.

No it doesn't. Once an IP address is removed, it's gone.

>Since this is the first value for anything related to the local IP bind
>will by default snag this IP number instead of your new one and thereby
>not start or work at all.

No it won't.  BIND 8 and 9 scan the interfaces for the addresses and uses
what it finds. It will not see an IP address that has been removed.

>I manually went through the registry and removed every occurance of this
>old IP number. In fact four locations of it.

Which four locations did you find?

>Then BIND 4 worked.

BIND 4? I can't tell what that does any more.

>Now I figured out how 4 works... and as you say below here, once I
>figured that out, I can surely figure out 8 and 9 as well.

Remove the service by uninstalling it using whatever was provided
by the BIND 4 kit and then run the BINDInstall from BIND 9.
Make sure that named.conf is in the etc directory under the directory
path you specify to the installer.

>ONE tiny matter though. As you say, everything is well documented in the
>books but it's not designed for someone completely new to DNS and BIND at

There are Howto's for BIND out on the Web.

>I would therefor recommend, even though the data is old, as a good
>starting point to install 4 on a dummy box, get alot of information from

You will cause yourself even more problems by installing BIND 4. Don't
do it, just install BIND 9.


>Dr. DNS at
>and even so, on the very old site
>These two pages have exactly what I needed to get started. :)
> > them. You'll probably have to make a named.conf file to start with.
> > It's all pretty well documented in my opinion. I knew nothing about
> > BIND 8 or 9 and went from 4 a long time ago without any problems
> > following the documentation and the newer DNS and BIND books. They're
> > very helpful.

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