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David Botham DBotham at
Fri Oct 15 13:20:29 UTC 2004

> > >          IN      NS
> > >
> > >       IN      A
> >
> >That A record should not be there, it's out-of-zone.
> This is a glue record I added when the zone was not working anyway, 
> thinking I needed it.  Perhaps this shows how long ago I did anything 
> serious with Bind...

The RR in question here is not a glue RR.  A glue RR would need to be in 
the parent zone.  Therefore, if you had a subdomain called 
"" and you had a name server for that subdomain 
called "" then:

In the zone db file you would need:

;delegate IN NS  IN NS

;provide glue for the NS RR that is in the subdomain of this zone. IN A

Notice that the A RR for really belongs in 
the zone db file and is therefore "out of zone 
data" in the zone db file.  However, to defeat the 
"chicken and the egg" problem it appears in the zone as a 
"glue RR".

What you have done above does not apply to the "glue" problem.  It is 
purely "out of zone data".




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