localhost DNS - resolving through ssh-tunnel?

Stormfrog storm at acc.umu.se
Fri Oct 15 20:34:16 UTC 2004


My name is Jonas and I am on a holy mission from God! Or atleast a
holymission to bypass my ISPs idiotic DNS server :D

That much said I will explain what I mean with the topic and hope that
alot of people here can give me a broader insight on this topic.

Anyways, the isp I am currently using has limited the ability to pick
a dns of your own chooice since it uses the dns as a messaging service
for its customers. For normal customers this is probably just fine, it
works like this for those of you that havent experienced this. If the
isp wants to tell their customers of something the redirect all
traffic from a specific ip to a page on their local servers that show
a mesage. Once you have read it you can click "Ok, Ive read this
message" and continue. However, if you are running a server that has
sessions on it that connects to the internet by using domainnames it
doesnt work well at all. My e-mail server is also affected when there
is one of these dns messages waiting for me: all e-mail traffic is
completely blocked. As you probably has noticed by now I am kind of
desperate to bypass this dns.

This is my plan:

Setting up a DNS on my server. Then setting my dns to "localhost" in
my network configuration. To resolve adresses I will set up a
ssh-tunnel to my university which could resolve the adresses for me,
it would like something like this "ssh -L53: -g".

In theory this would work for tcp-requests. I am however told it is
doubtful if this would work with udp-requests.

Since I am completely inexperienced with managing dns by myself I have
really no idea what it means to set up a dns server. I would be most
grateful for input on this project.

What difficulties do you think I will run into? Is there something
specific I should be aware of? I really need alot of feedback on this
if I am to be successfull! :) Please, keep nailing posts to this

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