localhost DNS - resolving through ssh-tunnel?

David Botham DBotham at OptimusSolutions.com
Mon Oct 18 17:55:50 UTC 2004

bind-users-bounce at isc.org wrote on 10/15/2004 04:34:16 PM:
> Hello,
> My name is Jonas and I am on a holy mission from God! Or atleast a
> holymission to bypass my ISPs idiotic DNS server :D
> That much said I will explain what I mean with the topic and hope that
> alot of people here can give me a broader insight on this topic.
> Anyways, the isp I am currently using has limited the ability to pick
> a dns of your own chooice since it uses the dns as a messaging service
> for its customers. For normal customers this is probably just fine, it
> works like this for those of you that havent experienced this. If the
> isp wants to tell their customers of something the redirect all
> traffic from a specific ip to a page on their local servers that show
> a mesage. Once you have read it you can click "Ok, Ive read this
> message" and continue. However, if you are running a server that has
> sessions on it that connects to the internet by using domainnames it
> doesnt work well at all. My e-mail server is also affected when there
> is one of these dns messages waiting for me: all e-mail traffic is
> completely blocked. As you probably has noticed by now I am kind of
> desperate to bypass this dns.
What you describe here looks more like an http redirect and not a DNS 
thing.  It should not effect your mail server...



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