More on named-checkconf error message

Danny Mayer mayer at
Wed Oct 20 04:06:10 UTC 2004

At 10:31 AM 10/19/2004, Ian Wark wrote:
>Thank you very much for your prompt response.
>I was running the named-checkconf from a user with administrator privileges,
>but none on the dns folder. After changing user permissions, however, I
>still get the same fatal error. But here is more information. It is not that
>I cannot run the exe file, because if I use the -v option I get output
>indicating the version (I presume that is what the -v option does). The
>programs runs normally. Unfortunately, I cannot get anything else to work.
>In addition, I can get rndc.exe and named-checkzone to throw the same fatal
>exception too. But it doesn't happen all the time. I have received different
>messages from both checkzone and rndc too. I can get loading "zone" from
>"" class "IN" for the former on the
> file. And permission denied for rndc.
>Exception Information
>Code: 0xc0000005 Flags: 0x00000000
>Record: 0x0000000000000000 Address: 0x000000007c958fea
>ntdll.dll comes up each time as the main cause in the windows error dialog.
>It is the one that asks if I want to send the error info to Microsoft.
>In Visual C++ debugger the message is
>Unhandled exception in [XXXX.exe] (NTDLL.DLL): 0xC0000005: Access Violation
>I get the feeling this does not have anything to do with permissions after
>all. Just accessing an address that doesn't exist? Is it possible that XP
>service pack 2 is the problem? I just downloaded it recently.

No it has nothing to do with the service pack. Try uninstalling and 
It's possible you have a DLL version mismatch.

>Anyway, following up your other response. I take it that "Almost nothing
>needs to be there" means that the directory directive in named.conf and the
> file are all that I need. Correct? The
>documentation seems to say that if I run rndc-confgen -a then I do not need
>to add anything to named.conf, because rndc.key file is created.

Yes, that's about all you need.

You need to add the rndc key to named.conf. The rndc instructions tell
you how and where to do that.


>Ian Wark

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