Query on forwarding in Bind 9.2.x

Barry Margolin barmar at alum.mit.edu
Wed Oct 20 09:30:02 UTC 2004

In article <cl4tng$1sdf$1 at sf1.isc.org>, "Lokesh K" <KLokesh at novell.com> 

> But, it does work in BIND 4.X versions. So, I was wondering whether it's
> a (compatibility) defect or misconfiguration.
> In Bind 4.x, a server configured with  forwarding is able to serve
> queries on both child domains and other domains. But, in Bind 9.2.x (may
> be in 9.3.0 also), it is not able to serve requests on child domains, if
> it has forwarders configured.

Please don't top-post, it gets the conversation all out of order.

Anyway, forwarders has taken precedence over following NS records for as 
long as I remember, including BIND 4.x.

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