how to transfer bad question at BIND for my domain

Kevin Darcy kcd at
Tue Jan 4 02:36:11 UTC 2005

Dobrzyn wrote:

>I have a problem.
>I want to do something like that.
>Client type in IE adress This addres doesn't exist.
>Then BIND answer and IE will show my beufiful
>messege about error.
>How to do this ?
It's not really feasible to do this in your nameserver. Theoretically, 
you could maintain a local copy of the root zone, with a wildcard in it 
pointing to your "error" website. But that would only take care of 
non-existent TLDs. To catch everything at the next level (as in your example) you'd also have to maintain local copies of 
every zone *beneath* root as well, with wildcards in them, including 
zones like .com, which are gigabytes in size. And you could never hope 
to maintain local copies of *every* zone on the Internet, so you'd still 
be at the mercy of a bogus typo 
(assuming here for the sake of illustration that there is an zone, but no "non-existent" label in it).

This kind of thing is best done in a web proxy, if at all.

Also, please bear in mind that many miscreants "typosquat" by 
registering common mispellings of popular domain names, so the DNS 
database itself is not always a foolproof guide to whether something is 
mistyped or not. Some companies even pre-empt typosquatting by 
registering typo'ed or alternate versions of their own domain names. 
Yahoo! seems to have registered the domain, for instance, 
and we've registered domains like and so forth (although 
alas, it's hard to predict every possible way a domain name can be 

                                                   - Kevin

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