still go through DNS server for IP address input in thebrowser?

Kevin Darcy kcd at
Wed Jan 5 02:07:20 UTC 2005

Martes Wigglesworth wrote:

>>Ques>tion. What is with this need to list PC system specs in a sig? >
>Are you insane?.  Whenever anyone, anywhere has glitches in running
>applications, or compiling something, the first question is almost
>always, "What platform are you attempting said actions on?"   
Granted, but the original question in this instance was about how to 
configure a reverse zone in named.conf. It was a platform- and 
hardware-independent question, that therefore doesn't require a 
hardware/OS inventory list. If in fact said inventory list is in your 
.sig, that shows you have no sensitivity at all to "information pollution".

                                                         - Kevin

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