still go through DNS server for IP address input in thebrowser?

Martes Wigglesworth martes.wigglesworth at
Wed Jan 5 05:48:11 UTC 2005

I am not sure what is up with these other people, however, as I said in
my answer to the inquiry, at approximately 23:54:27 GMT+0300 on Tuesday,
January 04,2005:

I am still learning, however, I don't think that the browser will need
the DNS resolution for an IP address.  The only time that it is used
with an IP address is when the client requires reverse lookup for an
address.  Hence, the zone file of type given below.

zone "" {
   type master;
   file "file.whatever.IP";
   allow-update { none; };

I hope this helped your inquiry.


AMD K7 Pro 1800 
10/100 NIC

I am not sure what is with all the hostility towards my input, however,
whatever floats your collective boats.  I was responding to the
individual that made the inquiry, and still don't quite see the point in
making an inquiry about my signature.  I appologize for not including
some cryptic hacker name, or whatever seems to be accepted in these
channels.  I merely include information so that others may identify what
platform I use, and can go from there, instead of wasting time, much as
I have had to, in the last few hours, responding to less useful emails.

I hope that this input assisted the inquirer, and to those making
comments about my signature, keep those, and other asthetic comments to
yourself. They have no business on the list, or in my inbox.    And I
don't send html mail, so I am not sure what the other guy was babbling

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