Local Resolving Issues on Caching Servers?

Two Dog twodog at gmail.com
Wed Jan 5 16:55:42 UTC 2005

Hello There,

I'd like to bounce this off  you guys and hopefully get pointed in the
right direction.

We have the following domain mga-cgoon01CA100.cogeco.ca of which we
are authorative for.  I've seen issues where our two recursive caching
resolvers could not resolve that domain.  After a reload of named they
were able to resolve the domain properly.

Why wouldn't the caching resolvers be able to look up that record
until after a reload?  Is it a possible glue record issue? Is a glue
record needed for the host mga-cgoon01CA100? Could the 'cache' have
been full, also is the cache a FIFO situation when the memory (4 gigs
on each caching resolver) gets full?

Your thoughts on this matter are greatly appreciated.


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