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Walkenhorst, Benjamin Benjamin.Walkenhorst at
Thu Jan 6 07:24:17 UTC 2005


> hai ,
>   I am using bind9.2 on debian with chroot config. 

(Just a sidenote: 9.3 is out, you might consider upgrading.
With regards to your question, however, this does not matter.)

> My Probs
>   If I want to write querylog in /var/log/querylog, I
> have to give this in named.conf.Assume my chroot path
> is /opt/named.So that it writes on
> /opt/named/var/log/querylog. 
> But I want to have log files on /var/named (not
> /opt/dns/var/named). How to do it?

As far as I know, there is no elegant and simple way to do this.
There are several workarounds, however:
- make var/log/querylog a symbolic link to /opt/named/var/log/querylog.
  (Note: It will NOT work the other way 'round). If /opt and /var reside in
  one filesystem, you can make it a hard link.
- You can log queries to syslog and have syslog write these to /var/log/querylog.
- I've never done anything like this, but you *could* possibly make /opt/named/var/log/querylog
  a named pipe and have everything written into it redirected to another file, or something
- the least elegant approach would be to periodically copy the querylog to the intended
  destination. You only want to do this if everything else fails. =)

Kind regards,

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