DNS Management Packages?

Boyack, Kurt Kurt.Boyack at pyxis.com
Mon Jan 10 18:12:06 UTC 2005

Jennings, Frank wrote:
> I, like James, am also responding to this email list
> with a bit of "self interest". We have received a
> number of inquiries regarding the comments made about
> QIP (or VitalQIP) reaching its end of life.  As a
> member of my staff has already responded, VitalQIP
> is still being actively developed.  There is a
> defined roadmap for the continued development of the
> product.  In fact, my staff working on the VitalQIP
> products has increased dramatically over the last year.

My company was an early adopter of QIP and used it for many years (it =
was named VitalQIP in the end). We had lots of problems with it and had =
to restart processes regularly; updates were always painful to install =
and often did not work the first time. We replaced it with ISC DHCP and =
BIND and have not had a problem since. The GUI was nice, but you were =
forced to do everything through it because of the database so some =
updates were a lot harder to make than simply editing the named.conf =
file. I'm sure it is better now, but having 2 processes instead of 8 =
(not counting the 10 or so DB processes) makes ISC DHCP/DDNS a lot more =
reliable and easier to troubleshoot. Also, you had to go with their =
hacked version of BIND so you had to rely on them for updates.

At one point they changed the way they did licensing and wanted $10k =
when we upgraded to a new hardware platform (the hardware had nothing to =
do with it). We switched to ISC DHCP/BIND shortly after that.

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