swap secondary DNS service?

jeff dnshosting at dnshosting.exjay.com
Sat Jan 8 07:46:48 UTC 2005

A follow-up to my post:  I'm in San Francisco and prefer to swap hosting
with someone who is also in the United States.  But I'm also willing to
help out with hosting secondary DNS for folks outside the US.


In article <crn8tr$2f2j$1 at sf1.isc.org>, poster at newssvr13.news.prodigy.com wrote:

> Greetings,
> I apologize if this isn't the correct forum for this question ... if it's
> not the proper place could someone point me to the proper place for this
> type of post?
> Otherwise ...
> I have a home network and currently run BIND 9.3.0 on Solaris 9.  I have
> about 40 very small zones that I host for myself and friends.  The
> secondary name servers I use will soon be going away.  I imagine the
> number of zones will slightly increase over time but I doubt there will
> ever be any heavily-used domains.  I just kicked off named logging so I
> can get a better feel for the real number of queries.
> I'm looking to set up a relationship with someone who is interested in
> swapping secondary DNS hosting.  For free.  I'll host your secondary zones
> if you host mine :-)  The secondary name service providers I've seen so
> far charge too much IMHO or are too flaky.
> My home network connects to the internet via a DSL.  I have a static IP. 
> The only significant connectivity outage my network has experienced over
> the past three years was for about six hours and was caused by a power
> outage, and then only after my APC UPS' battery went down after about 30
> minutes.
> I'd be willing to discuss other swaps as well (e.g., backup mail servers)
> but my primary interest is in swapping DNS hosting.
> If anyone is interested in discussing further, the best way to contact me
> is via email.
> Thanks,
> jeff
> dnshosting at dnshosting.exjay.com

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