bind 9.3.0 performance problem on x86 Linux

Rick Jones foo at bar.baz.invalid
Mon Jan 10 18:52:17 UTC 2005

Brad Knowles <brad at> wrote:
> 	Rick Jones (from HP) is the acknowledged master in this field,

That is a truely frightening thought.

> but I've also done some benchmarking in this area myself (see
> <>), and your
> numbers are about the highest I've ever seen for BIND 9.  Indeed,
> your numbers are the highest I've ever seen for any nameserver on
> any platform (including Rick's testing of Nominum's CNS and my own
> testing of NSD).

I've seen 58K on caching-only workloads with CNS on an HP lp2000r
which was a 2P machine, with something like 1.mumbleGHz P III's, so a
later dlmumble or an rx4640 getting better numbers isn't _too_
surprising - also considering what I mention below.

> 	Can you share more details of your testing configuration with
> us?  Are you and Rick going to publish another white paper on
> nameserver performance measurement on HP hardware?

I'm not presently on tap to produce a DNS perf writeup, but do want to
get back into that when I can.

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