AW: Problems with bind 9.2.4

Volker Lieder vl at
Mon Jan 10 19:07:12 UTC 2005

sorry, of course i can explain the problem and the done tests in 
We have compiled bind 9.3.0 on our server and tested it with a file 
within 30000 domainentrys with queryperf.
After a few minutes we get an error message in /var/log/messages, that 
there is no more memory to serve any queries.
We set "max-cache-size 256M" in our named.conf, but we believe it will 
be ignored.
Our prozess takes more than 256 MB, but it serves our queries.
Knows somebody if this option is broken or what can we make wrong?

Volker Lieder

Am 10.01.2005 um 19:58 schrieb Gregory Hicks:

> Volker:
> I really hate to display the state of my ignorance here, but it has
> been YEARS since I have either spoken or read German.  (Korean or
> Spanish, yes, but not German...)  I'm sure that many others on the
> bind-users list have the same problem.
> Could we trouble you for a translation...
> Regards,
> Gregory Hicks

-- snip the rest of thread --
Problem was that bind doesnt serve any queries after a few time runing 
on Freebsd, above the latest results....

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