DNS for IP address lookup

John Smith jsmith at macroshaft.com
Mon Jan 10 21:14:27 UTC 2005

since nobody else responded, i will.
if you type in an IP address anywhere for network connectivity, eg web
browser, command prompt, even a news reader, no DNS (or WINS
depending on situation) lookups are needed or performed - unless you have
some sort of logging or some other feature that requires reverse lookups
(ip address to name lookup).

On Sun, 09 Jan 2005 19:05:04 -0800, jrefactors wrote:

> When we type http://www.website.com in the web browser, the ISP will
> connect to DNS server for IP address lookup, and return an IP address
> to browser, and connect to that web site. Correct sequenece?
> What if the user type the ip address of a web site in the web browser,
> will still go through DNS server for host name to ip address
> conversion?
> please advise. thanks!!

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