BIND DNS 9.2.3/Slave Zone Transfers

mormon_saint mormon_saint at
Mon Jan 10 21:11:23 UTC 2005

I have two servers setup with SuSE Linux 9 with BIND 9.2.3
Configured BIND with Webmin on server aacns0 with three zones
The same on aacns1 with three slave zones for aacns0.
Also congiured for two external slaves maintained by my ISP

The problem I am having is that the slaves can not get/do zone
transfers with the primary NS aacns0, or with the ISP's external NS.
Firewall is not an issue, that I can tell, is allowing traffic in/out
between external/internal servers. I get the following error message in
the /var/log/warn logfile;

on the master
Jan 10 11:29:58 aacns0 named[3792]:client ::ffff:
zone transfer '' denied

were is the slave

on the slave
Jan 10 11:30:38 aacns1 named[3792]: transfer of ''
from failed while receiving responses: REFUSED

were is the primary

Same message for the external NS on the primary DNS.

As best I can tell the config of the named.conf file is correct and
should be allowing updates of the slaves, however this is not occuring,
the above messages are logged on the primary and slave.

Thanks for any help
Steve Daniel
Network Admin
Affiliated Acceptance Corp.

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