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Tue Jan 11 14:01:54 UTC 2005

At 5:43 AM -0800 2005-01-11, saravanan ganapathy wrote:

>  Is it possible to configure as

	Sure, that's not a problem.  As far as the DNS is concerned, 
everything is just a label, and you can CNAME most any label to any 

	Of course, there are restrictions to using CNAMEs.  Doing this 
would mean that could not have any NSes defined for it, nor 
any MXes, nor any sub-domains, nor any other records of any type -- 
the DNS standard prohibits any other type of record existing for a 
given label if you have defined a CNAME for it.

>  ( I think its not possible, but want to confirm)

	It's possible.  It may not work the way you want, but it's 
certainly possible.

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