DNS for IP address lookup

John Smith jsmith at macroshaft.com
Tue Jan 11 05:10:38 UTC 2005

addendum to previous response:
turn on tcpdump or ethereal or some other sniffer to find out.

On Mon, 10 Jan 2005 21:51:53 -0500, Danny Mayer wrote:

> At 04:14 PM 1/10/2005, John Smith wrote:
>>since nobody else responded, i will.
>>if you type in an IP address anywhere for network connectivity, eg web
>>browser, command prompt, even a news reader, no DNS (or WINS
>>depending on situation) lookups are needed or performed - unless you have
>>some sort of logging or some other feature that requires reverse lookups
>>(ip address to name lookup).
> If only that were true. There's plenty of badly written software out there
> that will attempt to do lookups even though there's no need.
> Just ask the root operators about the traffic that they see.
> Danny

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